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Two Cities
SKU: 9780991095926

Liz and Charlie are in for another big adventure as they journey inside one of their Aunt Gertrude’s magical books. When the two children are whisked into the pages of A Tale of Two Cities, they encounter spies, the most dreaded prison in the world, and a revolutionary war that’s exploding all around them. They must fight their fears, dig deep and be brave. It is in Paris during the French Revolution where they face their toughest challenge—a race to rescue an innocent man from a terrible fate.
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Odus and the Long Way Home
SKU: 9780991095902

When Liz's eccentric Aunt Gertrude comes to visit, she warns Liz and her little brother Charlie not to touch any of her things. But Charlie picks up a mysterious looking book, and the children are magically transported inside its pages. To get home, they must travel through the book, The Odyssey, and make sure it ends the right way. Liz and Charlie must battle a one-eyed giant called a Cyclops, escape from an invisible trap on Lotus Island, and brave the deadly song of the Sirens.

Winner of the 2015 San Diego Book Award for Best Published Children’s Book
Winner of the 2014 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award
Named a 2014 Kirkus Review “Recommended” Book

“An appealing, kid-friendly introduction to The Odyssey…Aunt Gertrude’s library promises a great series to come.” – Kirkus Reviews
Parents, grandparents, elementary teachers: you want to add the books of Aunt Gertrude’s library to your own and share the joy of some of classic literature’s greatest adventures with the young minds you care for.” – The Booktrotter

“Well-written and laced with memorable lines. It’s also well-paced, and the children blend seamlessly into the classic tale while still retaining their own concerns and initiatives.” – Kirkus Reviews
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